Citizens’ Voice

Citizen for Change

The Citizens’ Voice Project awarded grants to Pakistani civil society organizations to promote the democratic participation of citizens in public debates, decision-making processes, and oversight of government functions. The project’s fundamental goal was to strengthen links between citizens and government to increase government transparency, ensure citizens’ inclusion in the planning of public resources, and increase the public’s trust in the government. It aimed at increased positive engagement between citizens and federal, provincial, and local government institutions on public policy, service delivery, and good governance.

Project Description

The project covered activities to support and improve the functioning of Taluka Municipal Administration in Taluka Tando Adam of District Sanghar. Under the two year project Union Council committees were formed, market committees were constituted, system of collection of garbage was devised, complain redressal system was revitalized and various awareness raising events were conducted with youth volunteers.

Project Details

  • Supporter: USAID (CVP)
  • Date: April 20, 2012 to April 19, 2014
  • Category: Governance
  • Location: District Sanghar, Sindh
  • Budget: Rs. 8,470,200/-
  • Download: N/A

Project Participants

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  • Females: ##
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