Children’s Action against Oppression and Neglect (CHAON)

A large number of children from cotton-growing communities of Pakistan did not realize their right to a healthy and secure childhood with access to quality education. There were inadequate systems at the village, district and provincial levels to prevent and respond to neglect, abuse, exploitation and violence against children. Children, particularly girls, comprised a large section of the cotton production labour force; they and their families were exposed to pesticides and exploitative working conditions. The education system excluded many children, especially girls and children who work, and offered poor quality education in a highly protected environment. Primary health care services were inadequate and mostly inaccessible, thus increasing risk to children and their families.

Project Description

CHAON (Children’s Actions against Oppression and Neglect) project was completed on 30 May 2014, and the set project targets accomplished. In 2013-14 the project benefited 350 communities and 348,694 individuals (95,957 women, 66,317 men, 88,680 girls and 97,740 boys). The project established district child protection system monitoring and promoting rights of the children. Child protection, education, livelihood and health were the main integrated areas of the project.

Project Details

  • Supporter: Save the Children (Sweden)
  • Date: Dec. 01, 2009 to May 30, 2014
  • Category: Child Protection
  • Location: Dist. Sanghar, Sindh
  • Budget: Euro 7,092,996/-
  • Download: N/A

Project Participants

  • Communities: 350
  • Adults: Women 95,957 & Men 66,317
  • Children: Girls 88,680 & 97,740 Boys
  • Major Achievement: Establishment of Dist. Child Protection System