DevCon is taking changing global environment as emerging threat to social, economical and ecological lives of poor communities, women and children in particular. DevCon believes to empower community through capacity building of communities to setup indigenous community based disaster preparedness response and mechanism to minimize disaster risks. In this strategy government functionaries are integrated as key stakeholders and organization executes DRR interventions in close coordination with provincial and district DRR/emergency response teams of government. DevCon has diversified development interventions in many districts of Sindh province which are disaster prone regions. Organization integrates DRR as essential component of program in given regions. Number of disaster response interventions launched to restore socio-economic, educational activities, equip community with community based disaster management skills, providing one room shelter, WASH etc focusing on women and children in Sanghar, Badin, Thatto and Jacobabad.

Approach of Intervention

DRR & Emergency Response

  • 150 community organizations (COs) trained on how to respond in disaster situation.
  • 150 community based disaster risk reduction plans developed through Joint exercise with community organization and children clubs.
  • Children sensitized on DRR through School and village level children competition.
  • Organized consultation meetings of children with local authorities to take precautionary measures to reduce disaster impacts.
  • Integration of community based disaster risk management plan with school improvement plan (SIP).
  • Strengthening emergency respond unit at district level through equipping necessary equipments.
  • Establish and strengthen linkages of stakeholder and duty bearer with COs and CCs to jointly work out in disaster situation.
  • Provided DRR kits to 150 community organizations of 6 UCs.

Education during Emergency (Dist. Jacobabad Sindh)

  • 8000 children of 15 schools availed safe and healthy learning through renovation of school buildings.
  • 30 teachers of 15 schools were trained on classroom management and psychosocial support/care.
  • 15 school improvement plans (SIP) developed through SMC and community of their respective schools.
  • 8000 children were provided with school supplies.
  • Children of 15 schools along with communities were sensitized about DRR.
  • 15 flood affected schools were restored and retained child friendly learning environment.

Livelihood during Emergencies (Dist. Jacobabad Sindh)

  • 150 women of 15 villages were trained on enterprise development.
  • 150 women were be supported for off- form business

DevCon’s Interventions on Emergencies